Can I Get a 10? Come Out and Vote!

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25 years ago, when Teletrix was born in the basement of the owner’s home as a labor of great love and much pain, times were different.  There was no ‘high tech’, ‘digital’  mid-wife available to ease the process and so we were conceived rather starkly – with an idea that ‘source-free’ radiation training thru hardware simualtion was the brain child that would open the door to supporting safe, hands-on radiation training and make an honest, contributing living for us.  It was. 
From hand-held Simulated Radiation Meters, Probe Paks and Dosimeter Simulators to the larger stand-alone SAM, PM and PCM Training Systems, our baby has grown in size and scope but in the course of raising ourselves to the fullness of tomorrow, we realized that we weren’t keeping up and were in dire need of digital life-support.  Our website was original (as in “outdated”) and so we were met this past year with a challenge: recreate our internet presence with interactive website design, videos, digital branding, social media, etc.  With the help of young genius, out indeed did spring near perfection.  So heck, we thought, lets see if this is as stellar as we think it is, submitting our branding and ground-breaking SAM, PM and PCM Training Systems in an annual award contest sponsored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council.  we are FINALISTS in the 2013 Design, Art & Technology Awards
Now, of course as proud parents of a veritable “re-birth”, we want to not only share our on-line transformation….but we hope that you, as a brand new, or long-valued customer or friend, will want to VOTE so we can WIN!  And have no doubt, WE WANT TO WIN.
So please click here and then find our in the category of DESIGN AND ART.  Click on Teletrix – and give us the “10’s” we so richly deserve!  Unfortunately, we can not bribe you with cute little bobble heads or golf towels, but we will promise to say a very heartfelt thank you, for your vote and for your continued and much appreciated loyalty and use of Teletrix Radiation Training Simulators.
The deadline for voting is May 1st.  So HURRY for goodness sakes!
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