Congressman Keith Rothfus Visits Teletrix

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Last week Congressman Keith Rothfus (Pennsylvania, R) arranged a visit to Teletrix while in the Pittsburgh area.  What a great visit, what a fine representative for our area.

Congressman Rothfus was open and frank in discussing his views on the inadequacy of the Affordable Care Act, reeling in excessive spending in Washington, bureaucratic red-tape in government purchasing and the “who you know” practices in federal contracting.  How refreshing, to our ears at least.

We shared our business and product line background with Congressman Rothfus and our latest technology in creating our award-winning line of radiation training simulators.

Hats off to you Keith!

Congressman Keith Rothfus (right) with Michael Podobnik, Sherry Podobnik and Alex Udanis (counter-clockwise)

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