3.5 Upgrade

Introducing the next stage in simulation from Teletrix.   In response to customer feedback, we proudly present our new 3.5 upgrade program.  This program allows the upgrade of existing simulators to the latest technology and useful operational features while saving on cost over purchasing new.

This is our ongoing commitment to fight simulator obsolescence thru upgrade vs. new equipment capital expense thru an expandable simulation platform.  How appropriate for the celebration of our 30th anniversary.

Why Upgrade?

You have Teletrix simulators.  They are 5, 10, 15 years old, even more.  Things have changed: the types of instruments that require simulation, equipment in disrepair from hard use, simulation technology has improved, the expansion of RP training programs is more robust with DLA’s and hands-on learning , capital equipment expenditures are limited…ring a bell?  Circumstances call for updates and upgrades and we make that path viable and easy.  Send us your old simulators, working or not, and we will update them to the latest simulator and remote control features, including:

  • New Remote Controller with a Digital Display and battery status
  • Lithium-Ion battery replacement for longer, more robust life expectancy
  • Smart charging that shuts down when the battery is full, for worry-free charging
  • New XBEE Spread-Spectrum 900 MHz radio section for increased reliability
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 25 simulators in a common area
  • Light-weight, durable Remote Controller plastic case
  • Restoration of any condition simulator set to like-new with warranty

Trade-in programs are available for simulators older than 16 years, as well as competitive products.


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