Model SD418

Teletrix SD418 Simulated Alarming Dosimeters can be used with Teletrix SP418 Probe Paks or in stand alone mode and appear to accumulate dose without the use of live sources.  At the sounding of an alarm, trainees are required to acknowledge the prompt just as they would in a real event.

Simulated Alarming Dosimeters are designed with flexibility allowing customization of mR or Sv units, Dose and Rate alarm setpoints, patterns and tones, and other features specific to actual dosimeters in operation.

In stand alone mode, user specified rate, dose and timed set points can be pre-programmed into the unit and it is set to operate independently without remote control.

The SD418 or multiple SD418’s can also be operated separately in conjunction with an associated remote controller.

When used in conjunction with the SP418 Probe Paks the SD418 Simulated Alarming Dosimeter integrates dose at the same varying rate as the probe pak with which it is paired.

SD418 Simulated Alarming Dosimeter Information

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