Simulated Radiation Probe Paks

Teletrix Probe Paks interface between an actual radiation meter and probe to simulate detection of ionizing radiation and are a flexible alternative to our Simulated Radiation Meters.

Probe Paks allow the use of actual metering inventory to be used in a training “mode” through the use of remote control while the Probe Pak is attached. To the actual meter, it is transparent as to whether an actual radiation probe or a Teletrix Probe Pak is attached and feeding the meter with detection pulses.

Train Like You Work

Trainees learn “to train as they work” by handling the same pieces of detection equipment they would in normal work operations. Probe Pak models include the SP418 and the SP900 with the main differences being the type of remote control used and the entry price point. Multiple Probe Paks can operate in a common area without interference. Our flexible, expanding equipment platform allows the use of the SP900 Probe Pak with Teletrix Simulated Alarming Dosimeters and Virtual Plumes Software.

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