Model SP900

The SP900 Probe Pak interfaces via cable between an actual working radiation meter and probe and uses RF remote control to direct a pulse train on the high-voltage detector input of that meter that is equivalent to a particular probe’s output when exposed to radiation.

The SP900 Probe Pak is our top-of-the-line alternative to the SP418 Probe Pak and Simulated Radiation Meters.

Again, the simplicity of the product is inherent as the instructor merely turns a knob on the remote controller to produce an increasing or decreasing reading on the meter that the SP900 Probe Pak is attached to.  Another simple operation yielding the most realistic, valuable results that trainees can use to learn from in a safe training environment utilizing the same radiation meters used on the job.

Up to 8 separately functioning SP900 Probe Paks can be used in a common area without interference between them.

The extended use of the SP900 Probe Pak around our expandable platform design is in its pairing with our SD900 Simulated Alarming Dosimeter and Virtual Plumes lines providing a systems approach to our simulation.

The SP900 Remote Controller

The remote controller for the SP900 Probe Pak is a robust device that once again is deceiving in its simplicity.  Depending upon the configuration, 1 or 2 output controls are associated with a range of CPM, mR/h, Sv/h or Gy/h values that cover the useful or typical operating range of an actual radiation meter/probe setup.  When the control is rotated, an increasing or decreasing count rate or dose rate is created at the meter which the SP900 Probe Pak is attached to.

When used with an SD900 Simulated Alarming Dosimeter, the remote controller sends the same varying rates to the SD900 in order for it to integrate total dose accumulated by the wearer.

When used in conjunction with Virtual Plumes, the remote controller connects to the computer running Virtual Plumes and control is relinquished to the computer to develop readings on the SP900 Probe Pak.

SP900 Probe Pak Information

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