Simulated Contamination Monitors

First of its kind in the nuclear industry, this ground-breaking training system trio of Contamination Monitor Simulators brings the radiation protection training loop full-circle. The Small Article Monitor (SAM), Portal Monitor (PM) and Personnel Contamination Monitor (PCM) Simulators raise training standards to a new level.

Radiation protection training goals and objectives for the person as well as the plant is best met thru the use of hands-on manipulation of hardware detection equipment in support of print, lecture and video.

Use of Teletrix radiation-free simulators that support practical learning techniques heightens the effectiveness and impact of the training for the person and the evaluation of performance standards for the training department and ultimately the plant.


  • Reduce free-release incidents
  • Increase contamination awareness
  • Enhance ALARA program effectiveness
  • Improve workforce safety and efficiency
  • Add source-free realism supporting hands-on training
  • Train like you work


  • Full-size operational hardware simulations
  • Fully functional alarms and indicators
  • Intuitive instructor scenario development and operation
  • Preset scenario run-thru or manual control manipulation
  • All simulator operations are returned to and viewable at the control console
  • Operation over a vast simulated detection range
  • Two-way, wireless remote computer control

The Training Standard is Raised

Offering employees the ability to train as they work drives success in the mastery of tasks associated with their job. Proficiency, safety, performance all contribute to the mutual success of the organization and the people who drive it. The Simulated Contamination Monitors offered by Teletrix are destined to place radiation protection training programs in the nuclear industry at the forefront of technique and effectiveness.

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