The PPM Training System (Portable Portal Monitor Simulator)

ppmTeletrix Portable Portal Monitor Simulator enables your trainees to experience and learn from an alarm without exposure to sources.

Teamed with a wireless remote control, an instructor controls which quadrants alarm as a person passes through.

Hands-on simulation allows personnel to operate a portal monitor without exposure to radiation. Train anywhere, anytime. The PPMS breaks down quickly and easily for transport between sites. It is even possible to attach the simulator to your existing portal monitor to alarm and simulate the detection of contamination. The flexibility of the design lends itself to a broad spectrum of applications. Use it to screen people, wheelchairs, livestock, pets, or even automobiles. Set it up wherever your teams run their training exercises. No more button sources hidden in pockets, stored, transported, or inventoried.

Our Portable Portal Monitor Simulator provides the following advantages:

  • Adding realism to reception center training with no verbal or visual prompting
  • Adaptability for a wide range of uses
  • Use it with your existing portal monitor or as a stand-alone unit
  • Alarm in multiple quadrants without the use of live sources
  • Demonstrate operating alarms and actions required as a result
  • Easy to set-up or tear down for easy travel between sites
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