The SAM Training System (Small Article Monitor Simulator)


The SAM Training System presents a full-size, light-weight, operating replica of a SAM to the trainee without using radioactive sources.

Tactile manipulation of functions and controls with resulting visual and audible indicators enhance the experience of using an actual SAM to determine free-release status of objects from a controlled area. The SAM Training System produces Clear, Alarm and High Alarm monitoring results and more via a computer-based Wi-Fi control system that is highly customizable for running scenarios.

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What does the SAM Trainer Solve?

  • Add source-free realism to hands-on training on SAM operation
  • Increase performance evaluations of proper SAM operation
  • Reduce free-release incidents from radiation controlled areas
  • Heighten contamination awareness and subsequent consequences
  • Enhance ALARA program effectiveness

The SAM Simulator

  • Full-size operational hardware simulation
  • Lead-free, full-size replica at <500 pounds weight
  • Single and 2-door models available
  • Genuine alarm tones and indicators
  • Variable full-range contamination levels
  • Safe, realistic operation without using radioactive sources

The SAM Trainer Control System

  • The SAM Trainer Control Console is the hub of operations for scenario development and training
  • Wireless remote control of the SAM Simulator via the computer control console
  • Mobile tablet computer option for training sessions
  • SAM Training System Software provides straightforward instructor scenario development and simulator operation
  • Instructors operate the simulator with automated preset scenarios or manual control
  • Via two-way communications, all simulator operations are returned to and viewable at the computer control console

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