Simulated Radiation Meters

Teletrix Simulated Radiation Meters are fully-replicated, dedicated-training versions of original equipment manufacturers’ radiation detection meters.

Through the use of RF as a source and a variable dial remote to control the signal, trainees experience true to life meter readings as if actually exposed to ionizing radiation. Because the exposure is simulated, a meter’s entire indicating range is presented in a completely safe, ALARA-friendly environment. True to the form and functionality of the original meter, Teletrix Simulated Radiation Meters allow trainees to learn as they would in an actual work environment, only without any exposure to radiation.

Using separate FM frequencies in the 900MHz range, trainers can independently operate up to 8 simulators in a common area. Learning is greatly enhanced as individuals “train like you work” virtually experiencing the same environment and equipment that they would in a real in plant event.

Simulator Platform

Teletrix Simulated Radiation Meters are part of a mature yet growing, flexible equipment platform that allows their use in concert with Teletrix Simulated Alarming Dosimeters and Virtual Plumes Emergency Preparedness Drill software and never need special calibration after use.

Teletrix Simulated Radiation Meters are replicas of original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) radiation meters and use RF remote control rather than ionizing radiation as a source. These dedicated training instruments are highly desirable when departments are in need of a dedicated training meter inventory that won’t be shared or pulled away for in-plant use.


Teletrix meters mimic OEM meters such as those from Ludlum, Eberline, Bicron, Thermo, Canberra, etc, in form and functionality allowing the trainee to experience a meter’s entire indicating range with unprecedented realism and without exposure to sources of any kind. Types of meters include:

  • Ion chambers (RO-2, RO-2A, RO-20, RSO-5, RSO-50, RSO-500, Ludlum
  • Hand-held and bench-mount friskers Ludlum
  • GM survey meters
  • High-range extenders
  • Alpha and alpha-beta detector meters

Specific manufacturer models include:

  • Eberline/Thermo: RO-2, RO-2A, RO-20, E-120, E-130, E-140B, E-140, E-140N, E-140N-NAVY, E-520, E-530, ASP-1 RO-3, RM-14, RM-14 Alpha, RM-20, RM-25, Teletector
  • Ludlum: 177, 3, 12, 12-6, 14C, 9, 9-3, 9-4, 17
  • Bicron: RSO-5, RSO-50, RSO-500, Tech 50, Micro-R LE, Radiographer, Analyst and Surveyor Models X, 50, 20, 2000
  • Canberra: ADM-300
  • Johnson: Extender
  • Navy: RAM-3400

Simulated Radiation Meter Information

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