Virtual Plumes – The Emergency Preparedness Solution

Virtual Plumes is a software program used to develop Emergency Preparedness drill scenarios.  Mobile field teams equipped with Teletrix simulators are presented with radiation exposure rate readings in a real time virtual environment that mimics exposure rates they would see in an authentic radioactive plume release.

Virtual Plumes software provides the ability to model a radioactive plume release that in conjunction with Teletrix Simulated Radiation Meters, SP900 Probe Paks and SD900 Simulated Alarming Dosimeters provide state of the art training for emergency preparedness drills.  All functions of plume modeling, execution, detection and dose monitoring for field teams are accomplished in a completely simulated environment.


How Virtual Plumes Works with Teletrix Simulators

Plume release parameters are loaded into the laptop-based Virtual Plumes software and dynamically presented to vehicle-mobile field teams monitoring the simulated release with Teletrix Simulated Radiation Meters, SP900 Probe Paks and SD900 Simulated Alarming Dosimeters.  Virtual Plumes knows where the field team is as it displays real time location via GPS to the projected plume’s travel. Virtual Plumes then generates a 1-meter, window closed dose rate reading or a ground frisk count rate reading which is sent to the various Teletrix simulators being used by the team.  The team monitors the activity of the plume using the simulators and responds to the obtained readings as if exposed during an actual event.  The field team relies on its instrumentation to make decisions…just like they would have to in a real emergency.

Coaching, verbal cues and other prompts are eliminated from emergency preparedness exercises as trainees learn to measure plume activity and operate their instruments through the realistic use of simulators and experience of actually performing monitoring tasks.  Once the exercise is terminated, the scenario can be replayed for debrief and feedback.

No other emergency drill exercise matches the realism available through the use of Virtual Plumes and the hardware simulation of Teletrix.

Virtual Plumes and Teletrix Radiation Training Simulator Information

Teletrix Simulator and Virtual Plumes Functional Block Diagram

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