Teletrix was formed in 1988 with the simple idea of providing the nuclear power industry with a way to demonstrate the functionality of a radiation meter without exposure to live sources.

An in-house FCC certified radio design led to the development of the first seven models that replicated various Bicron, Eberline and Ludlum meters but used remote control with AM radio waves as a source rather than ionizing radiation.

2nd Generation

Within 2 years, a number of customer suggested enhancements led to the redesign of the RF circuitry and the use of microprocessors and development of our 2nd Generation equipment. The new and highly reliable design was the backbone of our product line for the next 12 years. The product line of simulated radiation meters grew to encompass over 50 different model simulators.

Probe Paks

Teletrix grew quickly as its close relationship with customers led to the development of more simulated meters and other product designs. In 2002, Teletrix rolled out the first Probe Pak, the SP418, in response to customer’s requests for a lower cost alternative to the simulated meter. An unobtrusive cylinder that interfaced between a real meter and probe to provide simulated radiation readings on that real meter proved to be a remarkable success as customers found they could use their own real meter inventory in a training scenario reducing costs and controlling inventory.

3rd Generation

Soon, our 3rd Generation simulation equipment was rolled out. AM radio remote control was replaced by 900 MHz FM greatly increasing range and transmission reliability. Soon thereafter the SP900 Probe Pak débuted. Plume Tracker (now Virtual Plumes) software was married to Teletrix equipment for the first time creating a package that to this day is sought after by Emergency Preparedness departments across the country for emergency drills especially when interacting with local, county and state EP departments.

Alarming Dosimeter Simulator

In 2010, the most recent product line addition was rolled out. The SD900 Simulated Alarming Dosimeter adds a facet of reality to training never before available. Trainees could now not only measure simulated dose rate but appear to accumulate dose at the same rate as the Teletrix meter with which it is paired. The basis for our product lines is to enhance each other as extensions of functionality and not merely individual-need products and the SD900 has succeeded in bringing this concept to fruition.

In the coming years additional enhancement to the product lines will evolve to present an even more fully developed training system based on our premise that simulation provides the safest, most realistic approach to radiation training.

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