The mere choice of making radiation training as realistic as possible without the use of radioactive sources is one that opens the door to the Teletrix system of hardware simulation.

The need to drive safety, effectiveness, productivity and mastery in radiation training steers program developers and implementers to Teletrix, the source of highly effective training aids.

The awareness that practical learning in exposure-free radiation training is enhanced to its fullest impact with the application of radiation detection hardware like they will use in their job makes Teletrix a must.


Train Like You Work

Teletrix has been supplying training programs and industry professionals with quality simulated radiation training equipment since 1988.

As the leading manufacturer of Radiation Training Simulators in the United States, Teletrix has developed numerous products as a result of extensive customer interaction, survey and feedback. Our customers have asked to be provided with the most realistic training scenarios possible without exposing their trainees to radiation. They want to ‘train as they work” experiencing the full functionality of instruments rather than the short physical detection range offered by the use of real meters and low-level sources. Teletrix responded with a line of instruments that replicates the real world through remote control and simulation.


In the spirit of ALARA, Teletrix simulators enhance the premise that avoiding exposure decreases the probability of exposure related illness. With the ever increasing interest in the concept, trainers have become more discriminating and less willing to accept less-than-ideal training conditions when alternatives are available. Training with live sources still expose a trainee, no mater how brief or minor the exposure. Avoiding the use of radiation, no matter how small, short-lived, or brief the exposure time, enhances the ALARA aspect of training.

Teletrix instruments eliminate exposures while still maintaining the integrity of program training requirements and in many cases enhancing them. Teletrix Radiation Training Simulators can mimic placing the trainee in any type of hazardous, threatening or highly exposed situation with the full use of the metering equipment. Teletrix Radiation Training Simulators allow demonstration of the full operating capabilities of detection equipment without exposure to sources of any kind.

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