VIZRAD Elevates Hands-on Learning in Radiation Protection Training

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Challenged with bringing realism without using sources in training?

Struggling with the use of non-responsive meters in a coached environment?

Are there roadblocks to qualitative trainee performance evaluations?

Have no fear, VIZRAD, the latest introduction to the Teletrix offering of radiation safety training products is here!

Developed in cooperation with GSE Systems and utilizing their proprietary Activ3Di visualization and simulation software engine, VIZRAD promises to elevate radiation safety training to new levels of efficiency effectiveness with a level of performance evaluation heretofore unseen.

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The combination of GSE virtual simulations with the use of Teletrix hands-on hardware radiation meter simulators delivers a multi-faceted training experience for the student and a genuinely objective evaluation environment for the instructor.

Visit our youtube channel at for a short video description.

A limited number of Beta users are being accepted at this time with special pricing available for purchases by October 1.

VIZRAD Interactive Radiation Training Solution

VIZRAD Interactive Radiation Training Solution

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