Virtual and physical environments unite for a one-of-a-kind training experience.

Are you challenged with:

Teaching frisking technique objectively?

Quantifying results of frisking training?

Onboarding inexperienced trainees rapidly?

Increasing retention in ongoing training?

What does VIZRAD do?

Provides corrective cues without instructor interaction

Evaluates technique based on configurable criteria

Promotes engagement through dynamic scenarios

Increases retention by building muscle memory

VIZRAD Frisk is designed to teach frisking technique in a completely objective manner. Trainers are able to easily place virtual contamination on an avatar. Trainees then locate contamination on the mannequin using a simulated meter and probe without the need for live sources.

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Each VIZRAD Frisk kit Includes: Digital Controller (Laptop) with VIZRAD Frisk Software installed, Simulated Meter with Remote, Location Tracking Probe, and a Mannequin
Mannequin can be disassembled and stored in custom made roadie case.
Evaluation mode allows the trainee to practice frisking without being able to see the contamination, or frisked areas, until the end of the session.